My Home Reading Journal—Green Level (Age 7‐9 years old)


72 A5 pages

Act as a record of reading by a student during an entire school year. A resource that motivates children to read regularly at home. Includes many useful tips to help make reading rewarding and enjoyable. This journal is suitable for 7-9 years old. Contains unique AWARDS AND STICKERS in recognition of the number of nights a child reads at home.


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The ideas in this journal are directed to both the student and the parent.  Parents are encouraged to take a role in making sure the recording pages of the journal are filled out.  Students at this level should be able to fill out the comment section and of course, the face.  Occasionally the parent may like to write something to assist in communication between home and school.  Teachers are encouraged to regularly collect these journals to monitor reading participation.

Benefits of  The READ IT Booklet

  • Fantastic value and lasts all year. What else can you purchase for $5.95 that will last so long?
  • Excellent reward system with awards and stickers that encourages children to want to read.
  • Develops positive reading attitudes with students and parents.
  • Encourages parents to be involved, by reading with their child.
  • Gives parents reading strategies to support their child.
  • Encourages positive communication between parent, child and teacher.
  • Attractively presented – children take pride in using this book.