Our new App helps teachers keep track of all student reading

My Home Reading App creates ENTHUSIASTIC READERS.

Helping parents and teachers in encouraging young children

It’s easy for parents and teachers to nurture a life long love of reading with Kluwell’s My Home Reading app. This well-loved Australian iconic Home Reading Journal is now an app that operates on any device. This app makes teachers lives easier by tracking each student’s progress, with a simple system that summarises an entire class’ reading progress, allows teachers to send messages to their students and eliminates the ‘lost journal’ problem! All available without a single download.

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The reading application brings to you many new amazing features.

My Home Reading App

The reading application brings to you many new amazing features.

Great for everyone


The School App Coordinator has the ability to view all classrooms and send messages to teachers, classrooms and individual students. Once you have purchased your school apps, you are able to choose between yellow, green and orange level – just like our home reading journals!


Easy to set up by simply uploading a class list at the beginning of the year, no student email required. You can view your students’ weekly nights readings and progressive totals on one easy to read bar graph and send one way messages to your students, anytime, anywhere.


Add multiple readings each day, print your Awards, unlock games when you reach milestones, no installation, never lose your journal again!