Significant Points & Differences of our Read IT Diaries Compared to Any Other

  • Our products offer a proven visual REWARD SYSTEM for students – providing incentive and recognising achievement. The awards and stickers encourage children to want to read.
  • Our products give parents effective reading strategies to SUPPORT their child.  These are in the form of relevant tips and ideas to assist parents in promoting reading.
  • Develops POSITIVE READING ATTITUDES with students and parents.
  • Encourages POSITIVE COMMUNICATION between parent, child and teacher.
  • ATTRACTIVELY PRESENTED – children take pride in using this journal.
  • Our products provide teachers with a PROGRESSIVE REPORT of a student’s reading over a whole school year
  • Ours is a quality product which is durable; colourful, has appealing and unique graphics and is easy to use.
  • It is INCLUSIVE – takes into account all cultural, race and gender issues
  • The 3 levels offer a DEVELOPMENTAL approach across the whole school as the student gains maturity so does the level of student independence
  • Contains IDEA STARTERS for students. This is particularly helpful with older students, by providing examples of student activities, narrative reports and goal setting.
  • A WEB SITE is available with online support for parents, teachers and students.
  • Fantastic VALUE and LASTS ALL YEAR. What else costs so little and lasts so long?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a teacher, how can I manage my students’ progress?

    The teacher should collect the journals periodically (once a week or once a fortnight) and enter a comment in the student’s book.   The teacher can then monitor and encourage the student to keep up the regular reading.

    The students’ achievement can be entered onto a Classroom Readicator Chart. The Readicators are each designed for the three levels. Don’t forget to order one of these with your classroom set of journals.

  • What is the difference in the three levels of the Kluwell My Home Reading Journal?

    The 3 levels offer a developmental approach across the whole school where as the student gains maturity so does the level of student independence.

    The information in the YELLOW LEVEL is written to assist the parent. The GREEN LEVEL is written to further reinforce ideas promoted in the YELLOW LEVEL, with the student moving towards reading independence. The ORANGE LEVEL is written for the student, as they have ideally reached reading independence. However, if a student requires parental help and guidance with reading, it is important that the parent builds on everything promoted in earlier levels.

    There are unique stickers & rewards for each level.

  • What is the purpose of the journals?

    To assist in creating a partnership in fostering sound reading habits between the home and school.

  • Why does the journal record in number of nights?

    We have decided on frequency, not on quantity. This allows all students of varying reading abilities to participate and reach the awards.

  • How long do the journals last?

    The journal has enough space for the whole school year (over 200 spaces). The journal is tough, durable, and easily identifiable. There is a full page per week for recording students’ progress.

  • How do we prevent students from “misplacing” their journal?

    The teacher has to be committed to the implementation and continued use of the journals, and the students are also motivated to reach the awards. Our experience is that students love to reach the awards.

  • How can a school / class implement these journals?

    Most schools and classes early in the school year conduct a parent information session. This is an opportunity to explain to parents how to use this journal. Again see the User’s guide for a suggested parent information session.

  • Who should implement the Kluwell My Home Reading Journal?

    This may occur through any of the following:-

    • The Literacy Coordinator
    • The Principal or Assistant/Deputy Principal
    • A classroom teacher
    • A teacher who has used the journals at a previous school
    • A parent who has transferred their child to a new school and used the journals at a previous school. The parent shows this to the classroom teacher.
    • Via a promotional mail out - which Kluwell Publications carries out each school year, prior to the end of the school year.

    For the optimum use of these journals we encourage schools and teachers to coordinate the implementation of the journal. In this way all students (and consequently parents) become involved in fostering sound reading habits.

    There is a User’s Guide available for purchase which will assist in implanting the Kluwell My Home Reading Journals.

  • What year levels do the Kluwell My Home Reading journals cover?

    Because schools vary in their structure from state to state, country to country, we have designed the journals in the following way:

    • The Yellow Kluwell My Home Reading Journal is for the first 3 years of schooling.
    • The Green Kluwell My Home Reading Journal is designed for the 4th and 5th year of schooling.
    • The Orange Kluwell My Home Reading Journal is designed for the 6th and 7th year of schooling.

    Teachers are encouraged to adapt the journals to the needs of their parents and students.

  • What sort of comments are good constructive comments?

    Try to avoid comments that are even slightly negative. Instead of “This book was boring.” suggest to your child some way of turning this comment around. eg ” I think the author could have made this book more interesting by…….” We should always foster positive attitudes towards reading. Some suggested comments are in the front of the Kluwell My Home Reading Journal, but teachers, parents, and students are more creative. Please send in some great comments! We will award some prizes for great comments.

  • Who should complete the end of the week comment section?

    Preferably, the teacher. Again this assists the classroom teacher in the monitoring of the student’s progress. But the teacher can be creative and find other people to fill out the weekly comment, providing that there are clear expectations as to when and who fills out this area.

  • Who should fill in the awards?

    Preferably, the classroom teacher. In this way the teacher is able to monitor the student’s progress. The awards can be presented in a variety of ways eg at the school assembly, by the principal, school captains, or by any school community member that the students see as a role model.

  • How do you record the number of nights read?

    Recording the number of nights is progressive. i.e.

    • 1st night of reading = 1
    • 2nd night of reading = 2
    • 10th night of reading = 10.
      (If a night is missed then do not record anything)
  • Can a school order at the end of a school year and pay at the commencement of the new school year?

    Yes. Just let us know. We understand that school budgets are often not in place until the start of a school year.

  • When can I expect to receive my order?

    Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 24 business hours of payment confirmation. Upon request we can customise delivery options to suit you. Please let us know if you would like to be provided with your tracking details.

  • Where can I purchase the journals?

    You can buy our journals on this website! Just click on the Products heading now.

  • I'm trying to place an order but can not enter a quantity below 20.

    Our minimum order for customers outside of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is 20 journals. Our website allows quantities of 20 and above. If you wish to order a combination of products that cumulate to 20, for example 10 yellow journals and 10 green journals, please email your order to info@kluwell.com