Teaching Opportunities

There is a lot to celebrate for teachers and teacher graduates in 2018!

NSW Government incentives for young graduates and experienced teachers to take up teaching in the country PLUS 2018 Kluwell Educational Scholarship for year 12 students entering a teaching degree.

The NSW government is offering to pay the HECS debt of graduate teachers each year in exchange for acceptance of a position in a rural or remote school in the state of NSW.

Attracting new and enthusiastic teachers to country schools with $140 million worth of scholarships and stipend packages is an aim at boosting education standards in the bush and filling more than 200 staff vacancies.

These scholarships will be available to HSC or university students who are studying teaching from 2018. Graduates will also be eligible for a $6000 bonus when they start their new teaching post.

To attract and keep the more experienced teacher to remote schools, this government package also offers bonuses on top of salary, sign on bonuses and annual retention incentives.

You can read the full article on the ABC News website here.

The 2018 Kluwell Education Scholarship is open for applications from rural students completing year 12 to enrol in a Bachelor of Primary Education at La Trobe’s Bendigo Campus.

Andy, Stan and Naomi of Kluwell Publications understand from experience the financial barriers students face when attending university from rural and remote locations.

Kluwell is offering instalments each year of the degree up to an amount of $10,000. To find out the eligibility requirements visit La Trobe’s scholarships page here.

Applications for the 2018 Kluwell Education Scholarship close January 16, 2018.